In the Trenches….

I won’t go into the details. But everyone across all of my social media platforms will see important upgrades to how I manage my presence on them. This includes WordPress.

I’m just as committed to completing all current, ongoing projects (i.e., mini blog and fiction series), so no worries.

Further updates should be made before long. I simply thought everyone deserved to know what’s been happening.

Again, thank you very much for your continued loyalty and patience.


Cat, Why Hath Thou Defiled My Sofa and Called Me A Racist? Part II

Shaw, O Shaw…Wherefore Art Thou, Shaw?

“Here, kitty, kitty, kitty…!” I cooed, stooping down onto my haunches, hands outstretched in my best come-hither gesture (although I swear, there was nothing sexual about it. I’m not that kind of animal lover). “Where did you come from, buddy?”

The tom looked at me askew as it sauntered parallel to my position, apparently mulling over whether or not I was as trustworthy as I looked. I must have made a good first impression however, or the cat was simply an especially wise judge of character, because after only a brief moment it padded over and sniffed my fingers as though saying, “yeah, I guess you’re cool. Now what can you do for me…?”

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