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About Me

Hi! My name is Aleks K. Shaw. Welcome to my place!

Who am I?

The most defining thing about me as a human being is that I am a Christian. This of course means I believe in Jesus Christ as the Living Son of God and Savior for all who trust in Him.

I’m also a fiction writer, poet, blogger, and amateur photographer.

What kind of person am I?

You can definitely say I’m a bit of an intellectual, but not in a snobbish way. Sometimes, I fall prey to a peculiar sense of humor (some might even go so far as to call it unsettling). I do my best to stay as honest and humble as God leads me to be. My sensibilities flow deep across the river of non-political correctness and I have a great appreciation for people who are direct or even blunt like I’m inclined to be. So, readers, word to the wise, you’re more than welcome to express your thoughts about any of this magazine’s content. I don’t care about kiss-asses or save-asses – just honest asses Ha ha.

Please forgive my language by the way. See, there’s me being correct and politically incorrect again.

What is my background?

Well, I won’t go into every little detail about my life story (I gotta save some material for a later blog after all). But my college/university background includes studies in journalism, fiction writing, graphics design, computer engineering, acting, filmmaking and TV production, and a couple of other things. My primary focus however has always been in the liberal arts.

Where am I from?

I live in Chicago, Illinois as a citizen of the United States. Oddly enough, I’ve never been overseas. But I have traveled across and/or lived in various places throughout about half of U.S.A.

Why did I create Authentic Edge? What do I want to accomplish?

I go into greater detail down below. However, in a nutshell, Authentic Edge is basically an entertainment magazine. Through blogging, original fiction writing, poetry, and other captivating material, the aim here is to inspire, stimulate thought, and provide a fun environment in which subscribers can interact with me and others as they so wish.

About The Magazine

Authentic Edge is more than a blog. It’s a variety magazine. Its main purpose is to entertain and inspire readers through extraordinary content like:

  • original blogs spanning a plethora of fascinating topics of the day
  • original vlogs
  • original short and serial fiction stories
  • original poetry
  • original artistic video productions
  • specially selected artistic creations by other talented authors (i.e., blogs, vlogs, films, poetry, fiction, etc)
  • the most current and/or useful tutorials covering a range of topics that research has identified as the most popular and relevant to contemporary demand
  • Source recommendations (i.e., films, tv shows, books, and other material personally experienced by myself or possibly suggested by others)
  • and more….

On occasion, I am also considering inviting various contributors (this potentially means people like you) to share their own creative works (provided of course the content of such work does not conflict with or undermine the minimal requirements of this magazine’s primary goals and identity). Naturally, it will always be my commitment to produce content that is as intelligent, respectful, honest, and thought-provoking as possible for all readers/followers.

Let The Games Begin!

So there we have it! I hope the information above gave you a little insight into who I am and what this magazine is about. Of course, despite my attempts to accommodate, this introduction can still only shine a tiny glimmer onto the ever-expanding potential of this enterprise – like a glow stick that’s dropped through a small hole into a vast underground cavern. And as with practically all dynamic things, Authentic Edge is likely to continue evolving and growing more sophisticated as time moves forward. Despite my occasionally eccentric manner of presentation and communication, please know that I am very humbled by your genuine interest in the content of this site and deeply grateful for what I hope will remain your continued reading of my posts.

In the menu, there is an “Updates” tab that provides information for both general announcements and also posting schedules for all content. I invite you to check there regularly to stay current on all developments relating to this magazine and my other affiliated sites.

Thanks for subscribing! If you haven’t done so already, please look for both “Follow” buttons on any page you are looking at and click on them. One is to subscribe directly to this site as a WordPress member. The other is for both members and non-members to subscribe by email notification. It’s best to do this now so you so you won’t forget amid all the unbearable excitement you will undoubtedly experience as you dive headlong into the blinding glory of all this magazine’s stellar posts.

Ha ha! Again, humor!

Now get out there, you wily rascals, and explore all the wonderful, exotic treats I’ve cooked up just for you.

Welcome to the Edge!

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A final note:

Throughout your many, exhilarating travels across the ever-expanding terrain of my flamboyant imagination, you will probably (hopefully) notice I sometimes succumb to a hopelessly chronic condition that generally manifests itself through deadpan, sarcastic, or even bizarre humor. Occasionally, this condition causes me to suffer from delusions of comedic glory. I apologize in advance for forcing you to bear the horrifying pain of this affliction. I’ve journeyed around the globe to consult with dozens of behavioral scientists, addiction professionals, and neurosurgeons. Regrettably, none of them have been able to identify the cause of this malady or provide any effective remedy. So tragically, it seems I’m simply doomed to spend the rest of my days on this earth randomly flying off the proverbial rails as I attempt to be funny. I please ask for your understanding and forgiveness. To alleviate our mutual discomfort, I suggest you merely humor me and indulge my pitiful fantasies of reigning supreme as the most hilarious person on this planet. I think it will make our experiences flow by more smoothly.

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