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Welcome to Artist Spotlight!

There are so many talented artists in the world. Naturally, my focus in venues such as WordPress and other social media platforms is on individuals whose works are usually readily accessible online with a click or two of a mouse. Even so, there are still way too many people whose creative achievements evoke my desire to pay my respects to directly as much as I think they deserve. Hence, I’ve put together this place to – wait for it – that’s right, spotlight certain artists whose works have consistently and/or uniquely impressed me as being extraordinary. With exception to a few who have so enchanted me that in my mind they have earned a permanent spot in the light of veneration (ha ha, isn’t that clever?), the parade of artists will likely alternate in selection on a regular basis. But whoever steps onto the stage, for the purposes of this venue, it’s because they have distinguished themselves among their peers as truly remarkable in the field of their endeavors.

The troupe of artists on display here will be drawn from a pool of bloggers, vloggers, filmmakers, photographers, and potentially other occupations. I trust they will impress you as much as they have touched me.

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