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Welcome to Authentic Fiction!

This is your rabbit hole to all my short fiction, fantasy, and serial publications.

All posted content is copyrighted. This means I have documented proof that this is all my original material. There has been no conscious intent or effort to plagiarize any part of any other work created by any other individual or entity. So, if you steal from me, I will hunt you down. I will find you. And I will strap you to the back of a SpaceX rocket and launch you into the heart of the sun! And if by some incredible quirk of fate your charred body survives and makes it back to Earth, I will probably sue you.

So please, spare us both the trouble, enjoy the ride but don’t try to grab the steering wheel and throw me out of the car. My pants are glued to the seat.

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Table of Contents

Knyght’s Peril Series

Knyght’s Peril: Event One – The Interrogation

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