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General Announcements is the first of two child pages of this menu tab. It’s function is to provide valuable and timely information relating to ongoing site activity and the continual development of the site itself. Examples of such types of information can include (but may not be limited to) notifications of new or upcoming magazine content, news about the site’s author (that would be me) or other individuals that have been or may be referenced on this site, special remarks concerning technical issues involving the status of Authentic Edge or one of the author’s network sites, and even possibly polls or other forms of requests for feedback from subscribers that may help improve the overall quality of the reader experience.

Posting Schedule is the second child page of this menu tab. It’s purpose is to present useful scheduling information relating to the various post categories of this magazine. By its inherent nature, the details listed are obviously always subject to revision at any time. Yet of course, in the interest of cultivating a stable and therefore presumably happier reader experience, a strong effort will be made to minimize degree and frequency of any such changes. After all, I fully appreciate the fact that many of us hate having a routine we have grown fond of suddenly upended and thrown completely out of whack. And I certainly don’t want to unnecessarily compromise the loyalty of any of my awesome readers!

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Table of Contents

General Announcements

Posting Schedule

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