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Knyght’s Peril – A New Serial: A Blurb

     Betrayed by her former boss and lover – Nexus syndicate head Dalan Xan, ex-military turned elite mercenary E’rika Knyght is now on the run for her life. Her only chance for survival lies completely within her ability to retrieve a hidden cache of information containing the evidence she needs to destroy not only Xan but also his scheme to attain dominance in the illegal drug market over potential millions. Unable however to go to the media with this information or turn to anyone in law enforcement except perhaps her cop brother I’faro, E’rika’s only hope to keep breathing is to trust the one man she dares never run to…a ruthless crime boss (and Dalan Xan’s nemesis) whose son she killed years ago.

Driven by the cold knowledge of her nearly certain death within the next few days, the desperate woman is forced to accept that jumping headlong into a spiraling pit of chaos may be her only chance to save countless souls from an agonizing fate worse than any nightmare they have ever known.

     Knyght’s Peril is a new original serial written by Aleks K. Shaw. The release date for the first of this weekly mini-series is scheduled for Tuesday, January 30, 2018.


Cat, Why Hath Thou Defiled My Sofa and Called Me A Racist? Part I

“A Sucker Is Born Every Minute…!” Said Jack the Cat

Feral Peril

EVERYBODY knows that where furry companions are concerned I like cats but I love dogs more. And there’s a very good reason for that. Some cats are like warm, fuzzy pillows you can cuddle up next to while lazing in your favorite chair or slumbering in bed. Most of the felines I’ve known have normally been quite affectionate…when they’re in the mood. But when they’re not…? Well, let’s just say I’ve run into one or two whose personality can flip in an instant like Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde.

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