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Welcome to Shaw’s Edge!

This is the main departure gate through which you will pass into the “undiscovered country” of my unrestricted thoughts on an equally boundless variety of topics (anyone who is familiar enough with Shakespeare might appreciate that parenthetical reference as well as many of you who aren’t). The purpose of sharing these posts is not to engage in a blatant exercise of narcissism. The intent is to ignite an intellectual fire of inspiration within or at least massively entertain my readers. Or ideally both.

A lot of the posts here that you encounter over time will almost certainly be drawn from my own crazy, real-life experiences. However, I’m also just as likely to cover subjects I have little to no personal experience in yet am nonetheless just as compelled and possibly still qualified to prattle on about. No topic I consider worthy is off limits and all constructive feedback from all of you (my valued readers) is encouraged.

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Cat, Why Hath Thou Defiled My Sofa and Called Me A Racist? Part II

Cat, Why Hath Thou Defiled My Sofa and Called Me A Racist? Part I

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