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In the Trenches….

I won’t go into the details. But everyone across all of my social media platforms will see important upgrades to how I manage my presence on them. This includes WordPress.

I’m just as committed to completing all current, ongoing projects (i.e., mini blog and fiction series), so no worries.

Further updates should be made before long. I simply thought everyone deserved to know what’s been happening.

Again, thank you very much for your continued loyalty and patience.


Protea Soul: Video Art

I decided to have a little fun making a video version of this poem by the same title (published under Poetic Edge).

Protea Soul

Rising from this bosom, this garden of conflagration, from a bed of blessed ashes –

Protea Soul.

Uncurling fingers that touch the sky, a new song that woos the dawn like wind blowing forever across an endless horizon.

Your lips kiss the sun, its warmth caressing the soft meat of your face, affirming your death in life with a promise of life beyond death to life unending. Continue reading Protea Soul