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Knyght’s Peril: Event One – The Interrogation

“Security override. Front door unlocked,” chimed the female voice of the automated security system.

“What the…?” Madic Fage started abruptly, spinning around on his penthouse living room sofa just fast enough to catch sight of a shadowy blur rushing toward him and slamming something hard across his face, knocking him forward onto the coffee table.

Blood spurted from Madic’s nose as his six foot, two hundred and thirty pound body crashed down onto and collapsed the table’s wooden frame. He barely had a moment to recover from his daze as he lay with one side of his face pressed against the carpet. Out of the corner of his left eye, he watched as the slender figure of what appeared to be a woman catapulted over the sofa and onto his back, straddling him. He grunted furiously as she jammed a gun into his temple.

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Cat, Why Hath Thou Defiled My Sofa and Called Me A Racist? Part I

“A Sucker Is Born Every Minute…!” Said Jack the Cat

Feral Peril

EVERYBODY knows that where furry companions are concerned I like cats but I love dogs more. And there’s a very good reason for that. Some cats are like warm, fuzzy pillows you can cuddle up next to while lazing in your favorite chair or slumbering in bed. Most of the felines I’ve known have normally been quite affectionate…when they’re in the mood. But when they’re not…? Well, let’s just say I’ve run into one or two whose personality can flip in an instant like Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde.

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